Bobby Hollar CD Release: REIGNITION

Bobby Hollar's new release, "REIGNITION", is the second CD release for the veteran rocker after his initial CD release "Debt Crisis."   REIGNITION's opening track  "Entitled To Your Opinion," and "Lies," which showcases Bobby's edgy fused Punk and Pop style and captures the spirit of Rockaway (NY) rock roots influences such as the Ramones and other contemporaries. Bobby other self penned songs such as "Rated," a reflective look at the stresses of job performance evaluations, and "Fun No More" the sober awakening of civilization being pushed to the brink of the unspeakable consequences of global warfare.

REIGNITION shows the diversity of Bobby's vocal talents. Other CD cuts include songs penned by guitarist and producer Gil LeDuc  "January Song," uses Mandolin and Bouzouki to create the whimsical sounds heard on Led Zeppelin's "Going To California." "Madame Bijoux" pays homage to the style of the Rolling Stones with it's open G tunings and Keith Richards like leads. The song was influence by a scene in the movie "Titanic," When Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jack Dawson describes his the drawing of "Madame Bijoux" to Rose.  And "Smoke," that describes a love addiction was also performed and co-written by the Matt & Parker Band.

"REIGNITION" is now available for download from your favorite music site or you can get the CD on CD baby. 

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